With Michelin-starred restaurants located at Borgo Santo Pietro and in Florence City Centre, our philosophy is grounded in the principles of biodiversity and regenerative agriculture, and the desire to share wondrously inventive cooking, while respecting and highlighting the rhythm of nature and the authentic taste of our land.

Let executive chef Ariel Hagen and his team – together with the master gardener, the forager, the cheesemaker, the baker, the fermentation specialist, the butcher, the restaurant manager, and the sommelier – take you on a delightful journey where you enjoy the art of Borgo Santo Pietro’s farm-to-plate cuisine, celebrating the emotions triggered by the taste of our culinary gardens and estate produce.

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Our Farm

Our flagship restaurant at Borgo Santo Pietro is located on a 300-acre organically cultivated estate that raises sheep, chickens, pigs, and bees, producing artisan cheese, free-range eggs, cured pork products, and raw honey for the kitchen. It also encompasses two vineyards, fruit and nut orchards, an artisan cheese dairy, and an extensive biodynamic culinary garden that provides seasonal vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers throughout the year.

The estate lies at the heart of Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium’s ‘farm to plate’ philosophy where our chef and his team work in constant collaboration with the farmers and culinary gardeners to design his dishes.

  • Borgo Santo Pietro Farm
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Farm
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Farm
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Farm
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Farm
  • Borgo Santo Pietro Farm

Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium has successfully taken
the "soil to plate" philosophy to a whole new level of fine dining.
It offers a fresh upbeat energy and a dining experience
that reflects the philosophy and identity of this restaurant in Tuscany.
Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium is one of the best restaurants in Tuscany. Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium is top, luxury and gourmet restaurant Tuscany.

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