• Meo Modo Wine Cellar
  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar
  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar
  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

The Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium wine cellar hosts over 1200 prestigious labels that showcase producers from Tuscany and from around the world, whose passion for wine and time-honoured techniques faithfully reflect the terroir in which each wine is produced.

Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium’s wine cellar has been built up over time as a result of dedicated hands-on research by our sommeliers, who visit the vineyards in person to understand the context in which each wine is made. Our Italian producers have been selected from the length and breadth of the peninsular, from the cool-climate wine terraces of Trentino and Piedmont to the sun-ripened vineyards of Campania and Puglia, and volcanic soils of Sicily. These range from some of Italy’s most recognised labels to boutique winemakers who produce a mere 10,000 bottles a year.

  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar
  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar
  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar

Our Wine Collection

Several of our chosen wines are produced using organic or biodynamic methods, showing the utmost respect for the natural process from the vineyard to the selected bottle at your table. Our many years dedicated to research, seeing the terroir and speaking with the winemakers is our fundamental approach to understanding wine and valuing its production.

Our expert sommelier is on hand to provide knowledge, suggestions and insights throughout your meal. We also offer wine-tasting sessions where each glass is thoughtfully matched with our artisan cheese and meats to further enhance flavour notes.




Discover wine descriptions ranging from a visual that is ‘star-bright’ and ‘luminous’ to the more precise ‘leather’ and ‘toast’ aroma, learn to notice the different hues from the rim to the core, use your nose to identify a wine’s age and savour its rich aroma, find out how to judge a wine by its ‘tears and legs’, and explore the varied flavours each regional grape retains. 


Our program ranges anywhere from a wine seminar to masterclasses and comprises:

The Wine in Tuscany

Your first introductory glance at different appellations, a small wine trip in Tuscany. Ham and cheese platter as accompaniment. Tasting of 4 different wines.

The Montalcino Masterclass
The place, the grape, the history and the wine – a deep overview that celebrates one of Italy’s most compelling wines, Brunello di Montalcino, with its stunning depth and complexity. A premium ham and cheese platter to accompany your wine course. Tasting of 4 different wines.
Super Tuscans Masterclass
The Super Tuscan’s era saw a new revolution in Italian wine culture – the history, grapes, the wine-making style. What makes a Super Tuscan and how was it born? Discover together with a gourmet Tuscan cold platter and pecorino cheese, straight from our farm. It’s emotion in a glass. Tasting of 4 different wines.
  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar
  • Meo Modo Wine Cellar

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